9 Internet transactional habits to observe!

1. Do not use your date of birth as password:
Seriously? Those who are tech oriented will understand your password is a unique value, same as your date of birth. You should hence never use the same value for both.
Moreover, this makes it very easy for end-time hackers to get access to your accounts.
0298 obviously tells a smart mind you are born February 1998 and also 301282 easily tells you are born on the 30th December, 1982. Be warned! Don’t substitute dad of birth as online passwords neither should you as ATM passwords.

2. Do not use default/ easy codes as passwords:
still on laziness, save those with medical condition, why should you use ‘0000’, ‘1234’ et al as passwords? Even hose with medical conditions should rather have a diary for all their passwords.

3. Don’t save passwords on phones:
There are viral programs who does nothing but collect user data in form of contacts, notes etc. Do not make the mistake of saving important passwords on your phone. Writing it down somewhere safe is the best option

4. Avoid the use of public WiFi:
Public WiFi may seem good but who knows Trojan programs ran insidiously. If you must use public WiFi, make sure you don’t do transactions on same.

5. Have a separate email for social media accounts and transactions:
In the same mail account you’d see emails like

‘ Check out our new sexy videos’
‘Your transaction details are …….’
‘You are being invited for interview at….’

This is totally wrong! How can you use the same username/email on alibaba and still use the same on porn sites.
As if that isn’t enough, some are so memory-lazy that the thought of cramming 2 or 3 usernames and passwords seems a tug of war and hence give in to their ignorance.
Please if it means you buying a diary, please do and save yourself of impending disaster. Boys are not smiling!

Save even the scamming part, porn/social media sites spam your mails a lot and will make it hard for very important mails to be seen. How can you see an interview invite when notifications on who and who did not like your picture already sent your invitation mail to the next page?

6. Do background check before using your card online:
You should as a matter of fact read reviews about sites before launching your credit card details on them.

7. Have a strong antivirus:
this is not 100% safe as many Nigerians can’t afford the price of a genuine antivirus. They’d rather go for cracked editions or trial versions which ain’t as effective as original paid versions. This is just as the case of using a condom, it assures safety but doesn’t guarantee it!

8. Have a separate device for porn and other unhealthy sites:
if you must do porn and other things you consider unhealthy for the security of your device, if you have the financial capability of acquiring 2 devices, devote one entirely for your online transactions. Make it strictly a no-porn, no-social-media and no-unconfirmed site device. This is called abstinence!

9. Never save credit card info, password and username details when asked to:
This is common to the very lazy internet users, they consider it an Herculean task having to input every credit card details each time they need to make a purchase and hence are lured into giving in to the question their browser asks ‘do you wish to save details for future use?’.
While this may save your energy really, the con thereof is it makes your details available in the cache of your web browser and hence makes it available to phishers and other scammers out there.




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